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Monk Bar Chocolatiers

Monk Bar Chocolatiers

Delicious chocolate from a boutique on one of the city's finest streets

Mon - Sat: 09.45 - 17.30
Sun: 10.45 - 16.30

One of York's longest established chocolatiers is run by Ray and his son Alan who handmake small batches of their indulgent chocolates in the back of the shop on the Shambles. Ray was taught his craft by his brother-in-law in America while Alan has a qualification in working with the sweet stuff from Belgium and together they make the snowmen for Christmas, the eggs at Easter and the owls, musical instruments and hedgehogs all year round, as well as the 70 filled chocolate flavours stocked in the counter.

If you find you're struggling to pick, why not try the cerisette, pave cluster and caramel and hazelnut. All the chocolate is sourced from France and Belgium and keep an eye out for their exceptional single origin chocolates.

Monk Bar Chocolatiers

“Chocolate is indulgent, it's a treat, a pick me up for a special occasion or a handy snack... it ticks all the boxes.”

Owner Ray Cardy