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York Piano Workshop

York Piano Workshop

Piano shop at 65A Lawrence Street, providing piano tuning, servicing and repairs.

Saturday 10am - 4pm Open by appointment throughout the week.

Pianos run in the family at York Piano Workshop. My dad is a pianist, the father-in-law, Ralph, is a piano tuner and even a great-great uncle was a piano technician in York around a century ago!

At the shop you can find a collection of secondhand and reconditioned pianos suitable for anyone, from beginners to experienced musicians.

Mobile services include piano tuning, repairs and servicing. If your piano action needs reconditioning work, it can be brought into the workshop and returned to you upon completion.

I have around 15 years of experience in the piano trade as a piano technician. I’m passionate about music and musical instruments, and I love listening to customers playing.

There can be a sense of haughtiness around pianos, but here at York Piano Workshop there is no snobbishness, judging or hard-selling; just a love for pianos, music and those who make it.

York Piano Workshop

“Every piano has a unique feel and personality. They respond to and develop with their owner, and their environment. I believe that there is a piano out there for everyone!”

Owner Mike Derrett