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The Zentist

The Zentist

A shop for the mind, body, and spirit. We have a large collection of Crystal's, Minerals, and Stones for you to choose from,

We are open Mon-Sat: 10.00 0 17.00, Times may vary with seasonal openings

A haven of peace and tranquility filled with over 450 crystals and minerals, some rare and unusual for you to experience. We also have a large selection of essential oils and carrier oils from Amour Natural always available in the shop along with with incense, Angels and Fairies, Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards too. We also have a therapy room and offer Reiki, Massage and Indian Head massage, Metatronic Healing and a couple of clairvoyant Tarot readers available.

With the shop's premises sitting on a ley line (alignments of invisible earth energy said to connect various sacred sites) between what was the old building that now houses York City Church and the Minster, the owners believe the location helps to explain the certain energy people feel when they come into the shop.

The Zentist

“Ask us about the palo santo 0 it's a South American bark related to Frankincense that is amazing for cleansing your house of negativity.”

Owner Barbara Stepowanyj