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Somatic Habit

Somatic Habit

Move and live with ease by learning how to release muscle tension

Monday to Thursday 9am - 5pm

Somatic movement is a method that teaches you to release your own chronic muscle tension, by moving gently and with awareness. Stress and chronic muscle tension build up over time and cause so many health issues, including muscular pain, joint problems, back pain, shallow breathing, low energy, tension headaches, difficulty moving and restricted movement to name just a few! When we learn to release muscle tension through slow and gentle movements, we are able to move and live more freely and easily. And the really great thing about this method is that because you make the changes from the inside out, you are changing how you move and feel for the long term; it's not a temporary fix!

I love teaching somatic movement because of how empowering this method is. It's not about me fixing you, rather it's about education and you learning how to release your own tension and regain control. You can learn somatic movement in group classes and / or one to one clinical sessions that are specifically tailored to your needs; both are available in person and on zoom. I teach weekly group movement classes and one to one sessions, run workshops and offer an online membership subscription that includes live and on demand classes. I am also proud to be part of the international training team at Essential Somatics, helping to teach and mentor future somatic movement teachers.

Somatic Habit

“I love to witness time and time again how folks begin to better understand themselves and their movement and holding patterns that may be contributing to pain and restricted movement. And then seeing them go on to learn how to relieve this themselves and regain control is always so humbling and inspiring! It is literally never too late to learn how to create more freedom and ease in your life and I can teach you how.”

I am a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator and founder and owner of Somatic Habit.