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Rafi's Spicebox

Rafi's Spicebox

New ways of thinking, new ways of eating Indian

Mon - Sat: 10:00 - 17:30 Sun: 11:00 - 16:00

What was mum's idea of decanting spices for people to take home to cook themselves has taken a different angle now brothers (and Rafi's sons) Kevin and Lee Fernandez are at the helm. Rafi's is still best known for its array of spice mixes (they sell over 50 varieties) but developing the range to widen people's eating experiences of food from India is one of the main drivers now. There are dishes from North and West India but their influences and heritage see them lean more towards South India in terms of frequently featured ingredients - think mustard seeds, coconut milk and vibrantly fresh, green chillies.

Just ask any of the team members in-store if you need advice for the recommended cut of meat, how to serve the curry or even how to cook it, as they're only too happy to help. As for personal favourites, it's always the madras that reminds the brothers of their mum's home cooking.

Rafi's Spicebox

“It's about making a meal consisting of lots of dishes - one vegetable, one potato, one lentil and one salad, even on a weekday. Without all these elements, having just curry and rice would be like eating Sunday dinner without all the trimmings.”

Directors Kevin and Lee Fernandez