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Fit Club York

Fit Club York

Helping people in York to shape up and feel great.

Monday-Friday 6am-7.30pm Saturday 8am-12pm Sunday Closed

We are Fit Club York and we help York residents of all ages, shapes and sizes to lose weight, shape up and look and feel their best.

We understand how scary and intimidating the big do it yourself gyms can be. Getting results on your own can be a long and tough process and not everyone has £50 an hour to spend on Personal Training.

At Fit Club York we make fitness fun, affordable and inclusive. Our group training programme is specifically designed to give you the support, guidance and accountability that training alone normally lacks. And we guarantee results or your money back!

Each session is designed to be fun but challenging and we use a combination of 'build' and 'burn' sessions to ensure that you build muscle whilst burning fat and increasing your overall fitness. Our expert coaching team lead each session- there to offer a friendly face and a helping hand, which is important in your early sessions. As you gain confidence we’ll be there to help to guide, advise, and motivate you to achieve your personal goals.

Behind the scenes we also work hard to provide everything that you’ll need to succeed. Our members app contains a free course on the basics of nutrition so that you’ll be educated to make the best food choices outside of the gym, and we run monthly member seminars on topics such as sleep and stress management.

Finally, we’ll keep you accountable with a weekly coach check in. Oh and don’t be surprised if you receive a text from us if we haven’t seen you in the gym for a little while!

Our gym is also has an incredible community, and one that we are hugely proud of. You’d be hard pushed to meet a friendlier group of people. Our community notice board is full of regular social events and twice a year we to take part in member challenges (this year we hiked the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and we are currently training for the Yorkshire Marathon Relay event).

We’ve helped hundreds of people in York to reach their goals so far. So if you too are fed up of bland diets and boring treadmill workouts, and you’d like help to finally lose weight and feel better about yourself, come and join us. You won’t be disappointed.

Fit Club York

“I've been a Personal Trainer and gym owner for over 10 years and in that time I’ve helped to transform the lives of many people. I believe that everybody has it within them to transform their health given the right support and the right environment. I founded Fit Club York so that everyone, no matter their background, experience or level of fitness, can thrive by feeling welcome and supported on their journey towards achieving ultimately their goals.”

Owner, Chris Hill