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Chilled café-bar by day, den of iniquity at night.

Dusk is an independently owned bar in the heart of the city, known for its chilled café-bar by day, turning into a den of iniquity at night.

With a unique, renowned and delicious cocktail selection, that’s been unchanged for over 17 years - Including O-Ren Ishi, Phil Collins, Britney Spears and the most famous ‘Milky Bar Kid!’. They’re known for their 241 cocktail offer, on all day and night. But it’s not just about the drinks at Dusk.

Taste a slice of New York on New Street with ‘Crooked Slice’ serving up the best NYC style pizzas in their laid-back bar. Have a slice if you’re feeling a bit peckish or full pie to share with your friends. Why not try a Hot Salami, Truffle Mushroom, or vegan Sloppy V? The team pride themselves on their unique sourdough bases and homemade tomato sauce with the best herbs.

Music is at the soul of Dusk, with live music, weekly open mic nights and soundtracks from almost every genre to help while away the hours.