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Death in a Chocolate Box

Death in a Chocolate Box

Unique Walking Tours Inspired by True Crime Stories from the Victorian Era.

SUNDAY from 7pm to 9pm. WEDNESDAY from 7pm to 9pm. THURSDAY from 7pm to 9pm. FRIDAY from 7pm to 9pm. SUNDAY from 9am to 11am.

WHO or WHAT is Death in a Chocolate Box?

Inspired by true crime stories from the Victorian era and through the lives of ordinary people whose tales are woven into the rich fabric of an ancient city’s social history – Death in a Chocolate Box offers walking tours through the streets of York.

Meticulously researched and innovative – our tours are designed to offer an informative and unique walk with an experienced storyteller.

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Death in a Chocolate Box

“'Why not walk with me awhile as I share the tales of the misfits, illustrious, the miscreants, and those ordinary folk who have ALL been lost to history – until now!'”

The Lady Brigante - Storyteller and Guide.