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Krep Crepes & Galettes

Krep Crepes & Galettes

What could be more French than galettes and crepes served from a converted vintage Citroën?

Mon - Sun: 10.00 - 17.00pm

It would be rude not to try both a galette and then a crepe for lunch when they do both equally well here. Owner and ex-chef Tomasz makes fresh batter from scratch every day: the crepes are for sweet fillings and made with organic flour from Yorkshire Millers, free-range eggs, fresh milk and sugar while galettes are a savoury batter made the original Breton way - simply from water and buckwheat.

In fact, galettes are the star of the show with a menu of mouthwatering combinations including homemade meats, pickled veggies, local cheddar and eggs...  All topped with a homemade sauce or dips like chimichurri, hummus or vinaigrette. Every bit of meat that goes into their galettes is cooked sous vide, with the beef enjoying a long, slow cook for 36 hours. You'll woof it down in about three minutes though.

Krep Crepes & Galettes

“In the beginning we struggled to convince people to try galettes but our mission now is to educate people about them.”

Owner Tomasz Mlynarski